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In Scuba Elx we aren’t new, we’re the first Alicante diving center that opened in Santa Pola, in 1992, with the purpose of bringing underwater activities to the people of the street, where to discover the wonders of the underwater world of Isla Tabarca .

The diving center Alicante Scuba Elx offers the possibility to discover the wonderful bottoms of the Marine Reserve of Isla Tabarca, its surroundings and also to be able to dive the sunken ships of the first world war that are found in the area of ​​Alicante. We do dives for all levels and throughout the year. Tabarca is considered one of the best diving destinations in Spain with a privileged climate with water temperatures between 14º and 28º, was the first marine reserve named in Spain in 1986. At our dive sites, you can enjoy the great diversity of marine life and fauna, which are found in depths ranging from -8 to -56 meters.

With Scuba Elx you’ll learn and enjoy scuba diving in Alicante, they’re already more than 20 years of experience as a diving center in Alicante; either learning with a baptism diving in Alicante or diving course in Alicante, or doing fun dives if you are already qualified as a diver. All our dives are guided by a knowledgeable guide of the place and there is always a professional skipper on board the boat, as the legislation indicates. We care that everything goes smoothly, that it is a fun experience and of course, that you enjoy a multitude of fish in the Marine Reserve of Isla Tabarca. If you have never dived in Tabarca, you will be surprised at the great quantity, diversity and size of life that you will find here.


The privileged location of the dive center on the same promenade, allows the distance to the boarding point to be minimal, even allowing access with vehicles to the same boarding point, a very important thing when having to load-unload equipment directly from the vehicles, avoiding travel by van.


BWA semi-rigid boat of 8.50 meters of length and 3.00 of beam.
Yamaha 4-stroke inboard engine with 225 hp.
Capacity for 12 equipped divers plus the skipper; the bottle goes to the center.


  • Electronic equipment complete with VHF transmitter, probe and GPS

  • Emergency oxygenation equipment

    Emergency oxygenation equipment

  • Bottle rack

  • Special ladder for diving


BWA semi-rigid boat of 8.50 meters of length and 3.00 of beam.
Yamaha 4-stroke inboard engine with 225 hp.
Capacity for 12 equipped divers plus the skipper; the bottle goes to the center. 


  • Electronic equipment complete with VHF transmitter, probe and GPS

  •  Emergency oxygenation equipment.

  • Bottle rack.

  • Special ladder for diving.

Dive with Scuba Elx

With new facilities (August 2013) located on the new promenade of the port of Santa Pola, which is the nearest town to reach Isla Tabarca, about 15 minutes sailing. In the diving center in Alicante we have large independent changing rooms with hot water, material rinsing room, material store, large terrace, etc. In addition to several fully equipped semi-rigid boats, we can adapt even to large groups. We have everything you need to be able to dive without any worries.

Diving facilities

The dive center is located on the new promenade of the port of Santa Pola , next to the port Marina Miramar in Santa Pola . The privileged location of the facilities and the boats located a few meters from them, make this Dive Center the preferred by the clients for diving in the Tabarca Marine Reserve and its surroundings.

With new installations of August 2013 , we have all the services you need:

2 independent changing rooms

Both have benches, space to leave clothes and shoes, and backpacks; washbasin, separate showers with hot water and liquid soap dispensers.


So you can safely store all those things of value that you don’t want to leave in the locker room.


With two batteries, one for the sweetening of equipment in general, and another for the most delicate material, such as regulators, cameras, etc.


Where you can leave your equipment hanging and tidy, if you are going to be with us for more than a day or just so they can dry a few hours.


We have an independent classroom of the fully equipped diving center, with enough breadth to accommodate up to twenty students and also has all the necessary audiovisual media.


We have more than 20 complete teams. Equipment of the best quality, durable and safe thanks to its maintenance. Includes suits, heat vests, hoods, gloves, regulators, jackets, masks, computers, light bulbs, booties, etc.

and repairing

We provide maintenance and repair service for all the pieces of material you may need, such as flashlights, suits, jackets, regulators, etc. And, in addition, change batteries of all dive computers.

Air refill
and Nitrox

We have a large charging station, enough to supply the fast loading of the more than 70 bottles we have, either air or nitrox (oxygen enriched air up to 40%,).

Dive with us in Tabarca

Book and secure your place on the boat!


Diving store

Shop specialized in diving equipment.

where you can find suits, jackets, regulators, computers, fins, masks, booties, gloves, knives, light bulbs, flashlights, tubes, belts, lead and all possible accessories for diving. We also have nautical equipment (electronics, salvage equipment, hardware, etc.), since we are also dedicated to this sector.

You will find the latest developments in diving equipment and accessories, where our staff will advise you on the equipment that best suits your needs.

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