Apnea course in Alicante

Apnea means free lung diving

Apnea means free lung diving, without any type of compressed air bottle to help you stay at the bottom of the sea.

In this case we don’t only think of apnea as fluttering by surface breathing with the tube, what we would call “snorkel”; but “apnea” refers to a much broader sense, starting from a state of relaxation of body and mind, take an inspiration and dive to discover the bottom of the sea, with no equipment but a mask, fins and suit.

What is apnea?

The objective that people can think that will be achieved by taking this apnea course, is to hold more time breathing, but it isn’t only that, it’s about learning and improving both on a theoretical level with physiology, physics, diaphragmatic breathing techniques and equipment for apnea; as with the practical part at the level of developing skills and techniques for the correct flutter, hydrodynamism, rescue, etc. These practices will be carried out both in the pool and in the sea.

How the course is divided

There are three levels, depending on what is deepened both theoretical and practical, but to access each of them you must always have the previous apnea course.


This apnea course in Alicante is suitable for all levels. No prior certification is required to attend the apnea course in Alicante. Divers, underwater fishermen, lovers of the sea: It’s the most complete apnea course to create a solid base on Sports Apnea and improve gradually and safely.


Taught by Miguel Lozano


  • What is apnea?

  • Fitness for apnea

  • Equipment and materials

  • Apnea Physics

  • Physiology of apnea

  • Techniques

  • Compensation

  • Security and assistance

  • Prevention

  • Dangers

  • The aquatic environment


We’ll practice techniques and training and improvement exercises. Methods and techniques of relaxation and breathing. In addition, we’ll start in the following modalities:

  • Free immersion

  • Static apnea

  • Apnea estática

  • Dynamic apnea with fins

  • Dynamic apnea without fins

  • Apnea assistance

To attend this apnea course you’ll need:

  • Complete equipment for the practice of apnea (neoprene suit, mask, tube, fins, booties, ballast belt), we’ve an online and physical store.

  • Equipment to attend the pool (swimsuit, swimming cap, flip flops, towel, …)

  • Medical certificate, made by a sports doctor or with the specialty of underwater medicine, where you indicate that you are suitable for the practice of underwater activities, we have our trusted doctor, contact us to do it.

It would be done with Miguel Lozano * and his instructors

It would be done with Miguel Lozano * and his instructors, in a weekend, the days and hours would be:

Friday from 16h to 20h

Saturday from 9h to 15h and de 18h to 21h

Sunday from 9h to 16h

Price: 320€

Date: 26, 27 y 28 October 2018

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