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Technical service in Alicante

Review, Maintenance and Repair

To guarantee the success of your immersions it’s essential that you enjoy a good state of health, an optimal level of training and have a diving team in good condition, for it, you have the equipment you have, you must do an annual review or each 50 dives Our technical service is at your disposal to help you dive safely and confidently.

Between the work that is carried out would be the following:

  • Review and maintenance of regulators. This review must be done once a year or every 50 dives. In it, oxides and remnants of saltpeter that may accumulate during the dives are eliminated, as well as the replacement of small elements such as o-rings, seats etc, which deteriorate with their normal use.
  • Review and repair of all the rest of the equipment; jacket, dry suit, wetsuit, etc

  • Battery replacement of dive computers.

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