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Some people who start diving ask themselves: Why do I have to get a medical examination?

This certificate gives us the peace of mind that our body is prepared to submit it to efforts under hyperbaric means, such as diving.

The current legislation indicates the following:

Article 25.- Of the medical examinations of people who undergo a hyperbaric environment:

As we’ve read above, current legislation requires us to be performed by a doctor specialized in underwater-hyperbaric medicine, with a degree or diploma issued by an official body. Therefore, a recognition made by any doctor, as a general practitioner, isn’t valid. In addition to the specific training, much better if you’re a diver.

Medical certificate necessary according to the current legal regulations regarding safety regulations for the practice of underwater activities, which has been included in the Ministerial Order of 14/10/1997 (Ministry of Public Works), published in the BOE of 11.22.1997 , No. 280:

  • 1- Anyone who undergoes a hyperbaric environment, must first perform a specialized medical examination.

  • 2- This examination or subsequent examinations must be carried out by doctors who hold a degree, specialty, diploma or certificate, related to underwater activities, issued by an official body.

  • 3- Periodic examinations will be mandatory to access any degree or certificate that qualifies for submission to hyperbaric means, apart from the initial examination (this must be included in an official medical certificate).

  • 4- They’ll be repeated annually in the case of professional divers and divers. This recognition must appear in your book of underwater activities.

  • 5- They will be repeated every two years in the case of sports-recreational divers. This recognition must appear in your book of underwater activities.

Although it came into force in 1997, people haven’t taken it into account. Currently, the Civil Guard has begun to ask the divers, apart from the title and diving insurance in force, also the medical certificate.

The main interested in having this certificate is the diver himself, since when he undergoes this examination he will be aware that his body is in a position to practice diving. It also gives us the assurance that our colleagues don’t have any medical problems that can give us a good scare under water.

Another very important question is: Who can perform a medical examination to dive?

To carry out the certificate you only need to buy the official form: Medical Certificate, which is purchased in pharmacies and its price is approximately € 3.50. This certificate will be completed by the doctor.

In Scuba Elx, we’ve the great luck of having a great doctor specialized in hyperbaric medicine and also a diver: Manuel Falzoi, to whom you can consult all your doubts and you can perform the medical examination in our diving center, in Santa Pola (Alicante).

Now that you know the need to keep your health up to date. You just have to make an appointment, for that, get in touch with us. Call us at 96 669 29 86 or send us an email to

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